About Dr. Sarah Spencer

Dr. Sarah Spencer (used to be Wilmsmeyer) is a native of central Missouri who moved to St Louis in 2009. She graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2007.
Moving to St Louis was quite the awakening. It started with finding a new chiropractor who could help with the chronic low back and neck pain. When she wasn’t getting better, she was told she needed to start a nutritional program as her body was so nutritionally deficient it couldn’t hold the adjustments.

Let’s just say everything in life changed after that. Dr. Sarah went on to learn everything she could about this modality as it completely changed the way she looked at health. Nutrition Response Testing℠ gave Dr Sarah her amazing 7 year old son and has allowed her to help people with chronic issues to simple nutritional deficiencies. She is blown away by the continual results of watching clients lives change. From the autistic child who’s life was changed and is now coming back to her family to the grandma’s and grandpa’s who wanted to have more energy for their grandkids.

Every day is a different story and it’s been the most rewarding experience ever. The ability to help someone get their life back, is one of the most rewarding activities undertaken by Dr Sarah.

Dr Sarah loves sharing her knowledge of health and nutrition with others and is available for speaking engagements as well as helping new clients change their lives. She can be reached at 314-529-1754 or https://alloutnutrition.as.me/.

Here’s to your health and your future!

Hours are by appointment but usually available
Monday -Thursday 9-3

Dr. Sarah Spencer is not affiliated with Clayton Chiropractic Center. She just uses space in the beautiful office. Masks are required in the office.