Karen Gelb at Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy

Raindrop Hydrotherapy is a separate business and does not schedule through Clayton Chiropractic Center. It is not covered by insurance. All questions should be directed to Karen at to her website or call (314) 335-0395

D8424E6979364956BA687DB43F4F561AHello, my name is Karen Gelb, and I’m an advanced certified colon hydrotherapist with over ten years of experience in the St. Louis area.  Over time, I’ve perfected my techniques and my personal approach to holistic healing and detoxification.  I’m very excited to incorporate these skills into my own business, Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy. Now I can really make the colonic experience truly amazing!

Growing up I struggled with minor health issues and overall poor health, as many of us of have. After exhausting all conventional treatments with little to no improvement, I realized it was time to take ownership and responsibility for my own body and well being.  My research led me to the understanding and importance of ridding the body of interfering toxins in order to allow my body to heal itself.  We all have the built-in ability to heal ourselves, but we are constantly bombarded with environmental toxins, added chemicals or genetically modified foods and stress.  Cleanse the body, resulting in the natural ability for the body to function as intended and nourish it with nutrition. Only then can we flourish like well oiled machines!  Hence, when I realized the colon hydrotherapy is “the oil change for the human body”!!  We all understand the importance of properly maintaining our cars so there’s less ware and tear on different parts of the motor, so they will last longer and go further.  Why don’t we do the same for our bodies?

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What is colon hydrotherapy?

Over time, debris builds up in the colon. This debris prevents the colon from properly filtering the body’s waste, inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb water and other helpful nutrients, and to release dangerous toxins. Colon hydrotherapy gently breaks down this impacted debris and flushes it out of the body so that your colon can function as it was designed to.Colon Hydrotherapy is not a new concept. Archeological studies have uncovered records from Ancient Egyptian civilizations dating as far back as 5000 B.C. where cleansing the colon was a widely utilized method of healing for a wide variety of ailments and disease. Throughout the millennia, the practice spread across the continents and was incorporated by the fathers of modern medicine, Hippocrates, Da Vinci and Galen in the treatment of their patients. The methods have changed, but the benefits have not.