15May, 2017

Hip Flexibility

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Hip Flexibility Benefits & Improvement with special tips for the dancer’s body   Benefits General: Improved spine health Improved knee health Increased upper and lower body circulation Dance: Stability in turn out and parallel positions Wider range of motion   Stretching Tips Do: Increase blood flow to muscles to “warm” body Feel stretch in belly of muscle, not joint Breath deeply to deliver oxygen to muscles Do not: Stretch “cold” muscles Stretch tendons or ligaments Let eagerness overpower safety   Types of Stretching Dynamic Stretching: Dynamic stretching involves lengthening a […]

4Apr, 2017

Foam Rolling for Dancers

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Foam Rolling for Dancers- Spring 2017 Dancer Newsletter How to use foam rolling as self-care for dancers With the constant pressure on a dancer’s body from aggressive training, self-care is an important part of injury prevention for dancers. One very effective and inexpensive tool that every dancer should have is a foam roller. If you have never used a foam roller before, they can seem intimidating, but luckily, they are easy to learn to use and are versatile to hit many important muscle groups for dancers. Glutes 1. Sit with […]

7Feb, 2017

Dr. Rachel’s Maternity Leave

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Dr. Rachel’s Maternity Leave Dr. Rachel’s last day in the office before maternity leave is Wednesday 2/22 assuming the baby does not come before then. She will be back Friday 4/27. She may decide to come in a few mornings before tehn. If you would like come see her on those days, follow us on Facebook or call the office and tell Hannah to get on our call list. Dr. Hannah and Dr. Lynne is keep the office open normal business hours and wpuld be happy to keep you feeling […]

7Nov, 2016

Recovering from a Broken Heart with Acupuncture

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Break ups, whether you are the one that made the decision or not, are devastating. While you are heartbroken making it hard to eat or even get out of bed, the world around you goes on and expects you to go on too. It is important to surrounding yourself by people who love and support you, take the time you need to heal, and possibly see a therapist to help you through this tough time, but have you ever considered using acupuncture to get over the hump? How can acupuncture […]

14Sep, 2016

“I want to go to the chiropractor for this pain I’m having, but I’m afraid the chiropractor will make me come back forever!”

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Individualization: While different chiropractors have different philosophies we here at Clayton Chiropractic Center believe strongly in individualizing a plan for each person and his or her specific needs. Before we develop a treatment plan: We will do a consultation to see if chiropractic care is right for you We perform an exam Listen to what your goals are Listen to what their problems are and, based on that, we find the right treatment plan for you Getting you out of pain: Our initial goal is to get you out of […]

12Sep, 2016

Exercises to Strengthen Hip Muscles for Runners

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Preventing Injury and Enhancing Performance: Exercise to Strengthen the Hip   First things first, let’s all agree that running is BRUTAL! Did you know that during a 1-mile run, your foot impacts the ground 400-600 times PER FOOT! Also, with each strike, you are transmitting forces between 1.5-3.5 of your body weight through your foot, leg and hip; that all adds up to about 100 TONS PER FOOT of forces, and that’s just in one mile!   Injuries of the lower extremities are common to runners, whether it be hip, […]

5Aug, 2016

Muscle Spasm Relief

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How can Chiropractors Provide Muscle Spasm Relief? If you think a chiropractor cannot help you with muscle spasms, you could be sorely mistaken. A muscle’s job is to move a particular joint. When joints are locked up, muscles can’t do their job. Muscle spasms occur when muscles try to move a locked joint. When the joint doesn’t move, the muscle works harder and begins to spasm. The chiropractic approach to care for muscle spasms is to adjust the locked joint so that the muscle in spasm can do its job.  Once […]

27Jun, 2016

KT taping for knee pain

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Taping for knee pain is very valuable for runners going a longer distance, people new to a sport, or anyone with chronic knee pain. Remember, taping supports you while you fix the problem through corrective exercises and adjustments and it not a magic fix.

18Jun, 2016

Beauty From the Inside Out with Colon Hydrotherapy

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by Karen Gelb Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy We are always searching for new ways of enhancing our outer beauty trying the latest skin-care serum of fad, but we fail to think about oor inner beauty.  Where beautiful skin really comes from.  Believe it or not, I’m referring to our colons!         Colon hydrotherapy, also known as colonics, is a safe and gentle way to wash away toxins and waste that are polluting our bodies, especially our skin.  We live in a stressful and toxic environment, our bodies are constantly being bombarded […]