5Aug, 2016

Muscle Spasm Relief

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How can Chiropractors Provide Muscle Spasm Relief? If you think a chiropractor cannot help you with muscle spasms, you could be sorely mistaken. A muscle’s job is to move a particular joint. When joints are locked up, muscles can’t do their job. Muscle spasms occur when muscles try to move a locked joint. When the joint doesn’t move, the muscle works harder and begins to spasm. The chiropractic approach to care for muscle spasms is to adjust the locked joint so that the muscle in spasm can do its job.  Once […]

8May, 2016

The Teacher’s Guide to No Back Pain

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Standing in front of a room full of eager minds providing them with information on your favorite topic can be a very rewarding job. Whether it is teaching preschoolers the colors of the rainbow or college students calculus, most teachers are on their feet for hours at a time. Here are tips for preventing low back pain for teachers. Wear comfortable shoes Watch your posture, making sure you do not sway your low back and hang your head forward Walk at work whenever possible To avoid low back pain when standing […]

24Apr, 2016

9 Home Remedies for Neck Pain

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When your neck hurts, you, of course, immediately call us to schedule a chiropractic appointment and text Jenny to get into a massage ASAP. Here are a few things you can be doing to help your neck pain right now. 1) Look at your posture Whether it is how you sit at your desk, sit in your car, or stand in line at the grocery store, your shoulders should be back and down and your head should be directly over your body. Anterior head carriage causes too much pressure on […]

30Dec, 2015

Can I see a chiropractor after I’ve had back surgery?

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Can I see a chiropractor after I’ve had back surgery? While we can’t speak for all chiropractors, it is definitely safe to see us after having back surgery because we will give you a proper exam and find the treatments that are safe for you. What is my first visit like? First, we will have a consultation to better understand the surgery that you had performed. Bring in any imaging like X-Rays or MRIs from before and after the surgery or other notes your surgeon may have given you. There […]

27Dec, 2015

Understanding pain

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A Significant Part of Your Recovery is Understanding Your Pain What is pain and how does it work?: Retrain Pain Foundation: Offers a free online course that provides a science based approached to reducing symptoms. Chronic Pain: The Pain Toolkit: An easy to use online tool that helps you cope with chronic pain. A Revolution in the Understanding of Pain & Treatment of Chronic Pain Therapeutic Neuroscience Education: Teaching People About Pain Meditation & Mindfulness: Guided Mindfulness Meditation: Outlines self-relaxation techniques that are used at over 200 hospitals nationwide. Palouse Mindfulness: Online Mindfulness Based Stress […]

30Oct, 2015

Is Sitting at Your Desk Causing You Back Pain?

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If all you do is sit, here is why you must quit! Do you sit in an office chair or couch for more than 6 hours a day? Sitting all day can cause you to have neck and back pain, having good workplace ergonomics is important to avoid those aches and pains. Here are some things that happen to your body when you sit all day. -Foggy Brain -Strained Neck  -Sore shoulder and back -Disk Damage -Mushy Abs -Tight Hips Lets talk more about these symptoms: Foggy Brain Moving your […]

21Oct, 2015

Shoulder Stretches for Injury Prevention

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Do you ever notice yourself spending hours sitting slouched over in a chair watching tv or typing on a computer? Maybe you even stick your neck forward to try to see the screen better. Most people would say they spend a good portion of their day in this posture. Eating, driving, typing and lounging all reinforce bad posture habits that can lead to a painful back, neck and shoulders. This blog will focus on shoulder stiffness and pain. Loosening up your shoulders is an important part of keeping you active, […]

19Oct, 2015

Is how you sit in your car causing your neck and back pain?

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Is how you sit is your car causing your neck and back pain? Car ergonomics Whether it is for work, carpool, running errands, or travelling, many of us spend hours in the car. Poor positioning in the car can attribute to neck and back pain. Here is how to sit properly in your car. Start with your seat in the wrong position: -Put the steering wheel fully up and forward -Seat height at its lowest -Seat cushion tilted so that the front edge is at its lowest -Lean the back […]

22Aug, 2014

Active Hamstring Stretch

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The perfect active hamstring stretch   Great for runners, dancers, and other athletes especially with knee pain or tight hips. . Even great for people who sit at a desk all day.   Equipment needed: 2 towels or a small squishy ball to put between you knees and a balance mat to stand on   This exercise should not be done first thing in the morning and is best after you are warm   1)      Put a towel or ball between your knees to active inner thighs for all 3 parts […]

Glute activation
15Aug, 2014

Glute Activation

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Glute Activation Why? As we sit all day at work, at school, or while travelling, our glutes are deactivated. Glutes are the strongest muscles in our bodies and should be used during physical activity like walking, running, lifting, and even vacuuming. If we do not learn to activate our glutes properly, we will overuse our low back and hamstrings, causing injury and pain. How? Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. To ensure they are in fact being activated, place […]