Chiropractic is a natural health care profession that focuses on form and function of the musculoskeletal  and nervous systems to reduce pain, prevent injury, and provide general wellness without the use of drugs and surgery.  

Chiropractic adjustments are very basic: make a joint that is stuck move properly again. The stuck joint is called a segmental dysfunction.


Why would keeping every joint moving keep a person healthier or in less pain?

  • Pain- Muscles move joints.  When there is a segmental dysfunction, the muscle cannot move the joint making the muscle continue to contract causing spasm and inflammation in the joint. It also causes other muscles and joints to compensate causing more improper motion and more pain
  • Arthritis- The discs in the spine have no way of getting nutrients without proper motion pumping it in. When their is a segmental dysfunction, the disc cannot get proper nutrients and starts to get smaller. Your body then tries to stabilize, stiffening the joints and causing one form of arthritis.
  •  Your nervous system- adjustments can calm your nervous system allowing you to restore optimum health

What causes a segmental dysfunctions?

  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Exercise with improper muscle activation
  • Sleeping wrong
  • Sitting for long periods
  • From childhood while developing to sit, crawl, and walk
  • Falls
  • Accidents

The doctors are trained in:

  • Diversified
  • Logan Basic
  • Cox Flexion-Distraction
  • Leander 
  • Thompson Drop
  • Activator
  • Gonstead

What Do Chiropractors Do?

What Can A Chiropractor Help?