Will Taking Time Off Fix Me?

Well, maybe. It all depends on your injury. If you are sore from training very hard, time off will make you feel like new. If you had a minor incident, time off with some ice will also do you some good.  You may have “tweaked” your back when you twisted just right, lifted your partner in a weird way, or rolled your ankle a little when you landed, ice and rest will help. However, if you have an overuse injury, it is likely from long term poor movement. Even if you take the time off to allow your body to heal, that movement pattern has not been fixed and will cause the same problem when you return to the studio.

Take Home Tips

  • Time off is a good start for injuries
  • Ice all new injuries
  • Utilize the mirror and your teachers to coach proper movement
  • If it has not fixed itself or continues to return after rest, time to see a specialist