Thank you St. Louis Adolescent Female Sports Medicine Initiative  for hosting this great event.

Dr. Rachel is all over town supporting dancers by teaching them about how to take care of their bodies while they train hard.

Topics depend on age group and levedance presentations 2

  • when to keep dancing and when to sit out and see a doctor
  • ice vs. heat
  • specific exercises
  • how to tape injuries
  • gearing up for dress rehearsals and shows
  • staying warm backstage
  • nutrition for dancers


  • dance presentations
  • Webster University Dance Department
  • Dance Center of Kirkwood
  • COCA
  • Renee’s Dance Floor
  • Webster University Summer Intensive
  • Ashleyliane Dance Center
  • Big Muddy Dance Company
  • Downtown Dance Center Summer Intensive
  • Dance Art Dance Studio
  • and more


Thank you for continuing to let us support the amazing dance community of St. Louis!