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When your toe hurts, it’s usually not your toe that’s hurt…

This is so amazing to me. As a dancer I have a slightly vested interest in the human body, and I am learning so much from my trainer and chiropractor and google. (My husband doesn’t let me google my symptoms anymore. As I’ve said before, my mind has a tendency to take over my matter. I still sneak it every once in a while, though. I’ve also stopped watching “House” and “Grey’s Anatomy” after I was convinced that a bruise on my leg was bone cancer. It wasn’t. It was a bruise. But, seriously, what are the chances that a “Grey’s Anatomy” character would happen to be a dancer and happen to have bone cancer in his leg at the exact time that I happened to have a bruise on my leg!?!? ………….Hence, becoming banned from Dr. Google and all medical-related shows.) Anyway, back to the topic of interest…

My trainer Tom Jones at The Boxing Gym does a great job at kicking my a$&, and my chiropractor Dr. Rachel Loeb does a great job of putting it back together. I am so grateful to have Tom and Rachel’s help. They are both so knowledgeable, so invested, and so great at what they do. I always feel so awful (in a good way) when I finish a session with Tom and so wonderful when I finish a session with Rachel. It is so amazing to me how a weakness in a certain area can cause a chain of events that manifests in a totally different area. When my knee was hurting, Tom had me doing more glute exercises, and when my toe was hurting, Rachel had me doing calf exercises. Today, when Rachel dug out my psoas muscle in my abdomen, my hip totally relaxed. It’s amazing!

By professional dancer Ellen Hinkel Reed

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