Functional Medicine

Patients who have tried everything else through the allopathic medical model often find functional medicine to provide the results they have been searching for. Dr. Charlotte Meier evaluates each patient’s history and metabolic assessment to determine the best nutrition and supplementation to support their overall well-being. Lab work provides the objective data to support exam findings and the resulting decrease in symptoms.

Along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, functional medicine can help improve many common conditions, including:

  • endocrinology disorders
  • thyroid disease
  • diabetes
  • adrenal fatigue
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • brain fog
  • hormone imbalances
  • estrogen and testosterone dominance/deficiency
  • infertility
  • digestive disorders
  • leaky gut
  • food allergies and sensitivities
  • small intestine bacterial overgrowth
  • overall wellness concerns
  • and MANY MORE!

A typical appointment lasts between 30-45 minutes and involves a case history, examination, nutritional screening utilizing muscle testing, and discussion of an individualized treatment plan. Lab work and follow-up visits to review progression are determined based on the treatment plan. Due to the extensive evaluation and information gathering performed, Dr. Charlotte’s nutritional visits are not reimbursable through insurance.

All functional medicine appointments are scheduled through Dr. Charlotte directly at (314) 312-2686 or visit her website at