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After watching “The Biggest Loser” last night, I was inspired to blog about obesity.  Obesity is more than just overeating;  it is an addiction to food.  But, you do not need Jillian to help you through it.

Obesity has now over passed smoking as the number one cause of preventable deaths in America.  This is the first time in decades that the life expectancy is expected to shorten for our next generation.  Childhood obesity is higher than ever  along with the lung and heart problems that it causes.

Complications of obesity include joint and muscle problems and pain like osteoarthritis, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, depression, and sleep disorders.  All of these are so important that each condition will eventually have a blog specifically to it.

If you are obese and you are ready to make a change, here are some tips of where to begin.

1.       Support- There are support groups all over the country.  Join one and learn you are not alone on this journey.  These meetings will also keep you accountable.  Tell your family and friends that will be supportive without being judgmental.  You do not need any negativity around you.

2.       Nutrition- Find a nutritionist, dietitian, or doctor who can teach you about portion sizes and healthy food.  If you can, have them come to your home and help you clean out the unhealthy foods, then take you to the grocery store and reteach you how to shop.  Have them teach you where you can find healthy, quick, and delicious recipes so you will not be tempted to stop at fast food restaurants on the way home.

3.       Exercise- Find ways you enjoy exercising.  Start small with a walking program.  If you plan on doing more than a walking program, get a trainer to teach you the right ways to use equipment.  Most gyms you can just ask them how something works for free.  Do not let an injury be your excuse to quit, so learn how to exercise correctly to limit your chances of injury.  Do not begin an exercise program without talking to your doctor first.

4.       Counseling- Many food addictions stem from emotional instabilities in a person’s life.  Find a professional who can help you through the emotions that caused obesity and the emotions that obesity cause.

If you are in the St. Louis area and you would like to have Dr. Rachel speak to a school, office, workout class, or other group to provide information and support, please email Rachel@rlchiropractic.com.  She has presentations for children, teens, and adults.


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