Dancer Cross-Training


Cross-Training for Dancers The best plyometric exercises to build strength and stamina While dancing is unquestionably a full body sport, a dancer can still derive enormous benefit from incorporating cross-training into his or her routine. Cross-training is used by nearly all professional athletes to compliment the gains made during regular practice. Professional skiers run and [...]

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Common Knee Pain in Dancers


Four Common Knee Problems for Dancers As part of "The Healthy Dancer" Fall 2019, please contact us if you want a copy sent to your dance organization, studio, or team. Dancers train for the perfect splits, amazing turnout, powerful jumps, high kicks, and quick turns making knee pain common for dancers. Some knee injuries can be very serious and require medical intervention. Other knee problems can be managed or avoided with proper technique and training. Hyperextension Knee hyperextension occurs when the knees pass straight and begin to bend the other direction. This is common practice for dancers because it can make for longer, cleaner lines, however, it can cause strain and injury.  Dancers should first focus on proper technique without gripping the quadriceps muscles. Think of lengthening instead of locking the knees. Remember that each body is different and it is important to find your healthy neutral. Over Turn-out Forcing turn-out will apply pressure on your inner knees. Focus on hip flexibility. Make sure you are not rolling in on your feet and that your knees are over your toes when you plie or land a jump. When you are not dancing, do not walk around with your legs turned out ( Be sure you are not walking like a duck.) Falls This pain will be immediate. Any  serious fall should be iced immediately and examined by a professional for proper diagnosis to rule out meniscus and ligament tears that may require surgery, especially if there was twisting, overextension, or a popping sound. You may need to take time off [...]

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Happy Feet: Helpful Facts to Keep You Dancing


As a dancer you spend all day on (or jumping off) your feet.  In class you hear all sorts of things about how to place your weight, how to point your feet, and how to jump higher.  Let's talk about some interesting feet facts to help improve the way you move. Rolling in, or pronation, [...]

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Hip Flexibility


Hip Flexibility Benefits & Improvement with special tips for the dancer's body   Benefits General: Improved spine health Improved knee health Increased upper and lower body circulation Dance: Stability in turn out and parallel positions Wider range of motion   Stretching Tips Do: Increase blood flow to muscles to "warm" body Feel stretch in belly [...]

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Foam Rolling for Dancers


Foam Rolling for Dancers- Spring 2017 Dancer Newsletter How to use foam rolling as self-care for dancers With the constant pressure on a dancer’s body from aggressive training, self-care is an important part of injury prevention for dancers. One very effective and inexpensive tool that every dancer should have is a foam roller. If you [...]

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Do you walk like a duck?


My Friends Say I Walk Like a Duck How walking turned out can lead to pain and injury We've all seen the dancer duck walk. Somewhere between ballet barre and petite allegro, our legs get permanently stuck in turnout. We decide that if we walk with our feet turned out we will be constantly working [...]

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Are you ready for pointe shoes?


Are you ready for pointe shoes? A Guide to Pointe Readiness Traditionally the best criteria for determining if a dancer is ready to go en pointe have been age (12 years old) and good technique, however, recent scientific studies have found that there are many different levels of development and skill in the 12 to [...]

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Ballet Warm Up


The Importance of Staying Warm Backstage Your Ballet Warm Up - A special edition for ballerinas before Nutcracker The big show starts in about an hour and your teacher leads a beautiful and inspirational barre before they open the theater for the audience to enter to find their seats. Then you go backstage and finish [...]

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What to Eat Before and After a Dance Class


What to Eat Before and After a Dance Class Eating Right to get the most out of your practice For many dancers, you spend all day at school before heading to the dance studio for an evening of dancing. Improper eating throughout the day will make you prone to an “afternoon slump” even before dance [...]

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