Why should your business host a Lunch and Learn?

Lunch and Learn programs offer growth for your employees both personally and professionally by making the education more easily available. Show your employees that you support their interests by having interesting professionals teach about useful topics.

For more information about starting a Lunch and Learn program, go to Learn at Lunch, A Program To Help Employees Grow

What will the chiropractors of Clayton Chiropractic Center talk about?

The doctors interactively present how to prevent and manage low back pain, neck pain, and headache. Whether it is teaching exercises they can do at their desk, how to lift furniture properly, or how to stand on their feet all day without pain, our doctors can customize a presentation to suit the needs of your employees.

What kind of businesses will the doctors go to?

The chiropractors will travel anywhere in the Greater St. Louis area

  • Any jobs that require employees to sit at desks
  • Teachers
  • Personal Trainers continuing education
  • Cashiers/Retail
  • Hair stylists
  • Jobs that require heavy lifting, delivering, or stocking shelves
  • Jobs that require a lot of traveling