Achilles Tendonits


Achilles Tendonitis The achilles tendon is located at the back of your ankle and attaches your calf muscle to your heel bone. The calf consists of two muscles called the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles are the primary muscle of pointing the foot. Achilles tendonitis describes when that band of tissue gets inflamed and irritated from [...]

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Happy Feet: Helpful Facts to Keep You Dancing


As a dancer you spend all day on (or jumping off) your feet.  In class you hear all sorts of things about how to place your weight, how to point your feet, and how to jump higher.  Let's talk about some interesting feet facts to help improve the way you move. Rolling in, or pronation, [...]

Happy Feet: Helpful Facts to Keep You Dancing2017-08-11T10:09:41-06:00
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