Low Back Pain Modifications for Barre Class


The National Institutes of Health report that more than 80 percent of Americans experience low back pain (LBP) at some point. Low back pain can be caused by misalignment of the spine, muscular imbalance, disc issues, or more than likely, a combination of these. Even if you are experiencing some low back pain, that does [...]

Low Back Pain Modifications for Barre Class2021-01-25T16:16:26-06:00

Lumbar Stenosis


The term stenosis means “narrowing” of a tube or opening.  Spinal stenosis means that the tube surrounding your spinal cord and nerve roots has become too small, and your nerves are being compressed.  Stenosis can arise in different ways. Sometimes, people are born with a spinal canal that is too small. Other times, the canal [...]

Lumbar Stenosis2021-01-25T17:34:16-06:00
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