Eight Best Exercises to Support Your Spine


Eight Best Exercises to Support Your Spine Plank Hold Plank holds are a great way to stabilize muscles and build muscle endurance.  During a plank hold the abdominal muscles are held in an isometric contraction, which means the muscles are shortened without causing movement at the joints.  Correct plank form involves tightening the abdominal muscles [...]

Eight Best Exercises to Support Your Spine2017-05-24T15:31:44-06:00

Health Tips For the Holidays


As we all know, the Holiday season is upon us again. Along with the wondrous celebration and family time, this season also brings some stress, fatigue, colds, and lets face it; pounds! Here at Clayton Chiropractic Center, we strive to help keep our patients happy and healthy. We have compiled some tips to help keep [...]

Health Tips For the Holidays2016-11-07T12:08:49-06:00
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