11Aug, 2017

Happy Feet: Helpful Facts to Keep You Dancing

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As a dancer you spend all day on (or jumping off) your feet.  In class you hear all sorts of things about how to place your weight, how to point your feet, and how to jump higher.  Let’s talk about some interesting feet facts to help improve the way you move. Rolling in, or pronation, can injure your knees and hips Try a demi plie and take a look at your feet.  If you notice that your pinky toe is coming off the ground then you are likely pronating your […]

2Dec, 2015

Hanging Christmas Lights Making You Feel Not So Jolly?

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For many, the holiday season begins right after Thanksgiving. The lights are hung, Christmas trees go up, decorations appear around town and the familiar songs start playing on the radio stations. In stores, the shelves are stocked and lines are long with everyone checking off their gift lists. While the holidays are often a time of joy, they can also bring some aches and back pain with them. Here are some ways you may experience some discomfort this December: • Cold weather can make you feel achy and tired. It […]