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“A great chiropractor is essential while pregnant!!!! Thanks Rachel!!!!”
–Courtni, 6 months pregnant, posted on Facebook after a treatment

“As a cheerleader, I always came to Rachel with injuries and many aches and pains. But no matter what it was, she was very helpful and always made me feel better.”
– 15 year old female

“I would like to commend and refer them chiropractic care (Clayton Chiropractic) and Jenny Rischall (Zen Jen) for massage therapy.  I have had hip, neck and shoulder pain for over 2 years.  I have seen 3 chiropractors, 2 massage therapists and have also had acupuncture treatments.   I have taken Advil when the pain persisted and have used numerous ointments as well.  On my first visit, I explained to both the doctor and Jen all that has been going on and they listened attentively. At that time, I had a chiropractic adjustment followed by a 90 minute massage.  The next week, I did the same.  Within a few days, the pain had subsided significantly and I felt so much better.  One difference was that I didn’t receive the same adjustment/massage as every other patient; my services were customized for me and my specific issues.  It’s my hope that I can continue along this wellness path by seeing the doctor and Jen on at least a monthly basis.  In addition, I have been doing specific stretching exercises as prescribed by both.  The fact that they can work together on my behalf is a definite plus.  Given all of this, I highly recommend both of them and thank them for their care and concern.”  Patricia E.

“I had seen several chiropractors for my headaches.  I had to go every two weeks just to make them manageable.  When I started seeing Rachel, she changed my treatment plan and now I rarely have headaches and only have to go in when I do.”
–28 year old female

“I had a great chiropractic experience here. I was suffering with intense neck pain. I visited two other offices and got no relief. After only one treatment, I felt great improvement! Her treatment was gentle but very effective. I highly recommend her!” – 60 year old female

“At 7 months pregnant, my obstetrician had been telling me for a few weeks that my baby was breach and I would need a c-section.  Dr. Rachel treated me twice one week.  The next week when I went to the obstetrician, she was happily amazed and surprised that the baby was in the perfect position for a natural birth.  My beautiful daughter will forever call Dr. Rachel, ‘Aunt Rachel.’  We are so grateful to her.”

“I am now more impressed than I was before. I thought I was feeling great before I saw you last night. But this morning I feel really free and less tight in my upper back. You must also be psychic, since it was your office that initiated my visit this week. Thank you for doing what you do.”

“I saw Dr. Loeb during the first 7 months of my pregnancy before I moved back to Texas and she was AMAZING to say the least! She’s so kind and extremely professional. She was able to alleviate my sciatic nerve pain and teach me exercises to help with pain and later on labor. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly!”

“I am thrilled to see *patient’s name* finally feel well. I cannot thank you enough for giving me my child back! I have known for years that we needed to get her problem figured out~ and finally you have been able to help.”
– talking about her 25 year old daughter

“Dr. Rachel is the best chiropractor there is! She has kept me comfortable through 2 of my pregnancies, and even when I’m not pregnant, I leave her office feeling relaxed and so wonderful. She has treated my babies as well, as is so gentle with them. I can’t recommend her enough!” -Heather


For Massage

I have had numerous massages from other therapists and Jenny has been by far the most in tune with my body and muscles and what they need. I’ve had terrible knots between my shoulder blades for most of my adult life that many therapists have noticed and worked on, but only Jenny’s care was able to work then out. It’s been three weeks since my session with her and the knots are still gone. I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone this long without back pain. Her caring and welcoming demeanor and environment truly allow for deep relaxation and healing.

– Lea S

Jenny is bar far the very best massage therapist I have ever had! She knows exactly where to put pressure. She does amazing work on my stiff neck and shoulders and puts so much positive, healing energy into every session.

– Alicia V

Jenny truly has a healing touch . Iv never received such powerful work. She extremely professional, and knowledgable in her Career. I’m so lucky to have her as my massage therapist !

– Micaela C

Jenny is one of the most amazing massage therapists I have ever been to. Her combination of energy and physical work is absolutely life-changing. One session with her and you will be absolutely hooked! She has helped me so much with a lot of my physical and energetic blocks that I had been suffering with for years, and in just a few sessions I felt like a completely different person. Having a session with her is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

– Alexandra R

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