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“Dr Jessica and Dr Rachel are such a wonderful team! They both take such good care of their patients and keep us feeling well! The office staff is so friendly. You can tell they all enjoy being there!!”


“Wow!!! Dr Rachel and her team are wonderful.!!! I’ve been to many chiropractor and have never gotten the care and such wonderful treatment that I get from Dr Rachel. I always leave her office feeling so much good. Thank you”


“As a massage therapist I’ve visited many chiropractors over the years. I recently saw both Dr.Rachel and Dr. Jessica. Very knowledgeable!! Both doctors have a great bedside manner and the office staff is very friendly.”


 “Excellent doctors that can treat almost anything! Adjustments, joint exercises, electrical simulation, massage and acupuncture just to name a few therapies. I’ve had three insurances over the last few months and they’ve accepted all of them. I’ve been a patient for over two years and there is always a friendly face to greet you. It’s great atmosphere and will always work with your schedule! I go because of an injury, they never pressure you to come back like a few other places I’ve gone claiming I’d be healed. You progress at your own pace and I’ll always be a customer!”


“Highly recommend! Best chiropractor practice in St. Louis. They have helped me reduce pain in my lower back and hips through adjustments, massage, e-stem, and some strengthening exercises. They helped my wife during her pregnancy when she was having lower back and hip pain in the third trimester. No more SI joint pain in our house!”


 “Dr. Loeb is an outstanding caregiver. This is my first experience with a chiropractor and I am very impressed with the doctor and the office team. They all seem genuinely interested in getting you “fixed.” I highly recommend Dr. Rachel and encourage you to visit with her.”


“I can’t say enough good things about Clayton Chiropractic! Dr. Rachel and others helped me to stay healthy with regular adjustments and introduced me to acupuncture treatments to help with allergies and stress. I appreciated that the doctors discussed a treatment plan with me but never pressured me to take on more services unless I wanted to. I’ve been seeing chiropractors my whole life, and I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking quality chiropractic care!”


“Clayton Chiropractic works with you to keep you feeling great!  They don’t schedule a million appointments and keep you coming back for your money…They try to see you in as few visits as possible and give lots of tips for at home care (exercises, stretches, when to do ice vs heat).  They are some of the friendliest staff I have ever been around.  I absolutely love going there! (Minus the pain I am usually going in for!)”


 “Dr Rachel and the team at Clayton Chiropractic Center are amazing.  The care and knowledge is absolutely top notch. The front desk administration is always done in a way that is pleasant and kind.  I absolutely trust the team with my care and have found great results for a variety of issues I’ve experienced.  Highly recommend!”


“I have been going to Clayton Chiropractic Center for a while now and every time I do, I learn something new about my body. Dr. Rachel Loeb is incredibly good at what she does. She is able to bring relief to my upper back that most trained professionals aren’t able to do. All of the chiropractors that I have seen there are just as knowledgeable. The receptionist is friendly, patient and immediately helps you feel at ease. If you are looking for a place to find knowledge about yourself and healing for your body, Clayton Chiropractic Center is what you are looking for.”


“My experience at Clayton Chiropractic Center has been excellent. Both doctors I have seen were highly knowledgeable, responsive to my needs and friendly. I recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic services.”


“I had 2 doctors treat me so far at 3 appointments.  I have had horrible lower back pain suddenly onset a year ago.  I feel at least 50% better after 3 visits in a week.  Both the chiropractic adjustments, consultative advice and the equipment they used helped me feel better.  I was impressed with the environment, staff and facility.  I feel it is a modern place.  I have confidence in the medical professionals here.  They accepted my insurance as well.  I will continue to receive treatment to improve situation.”


“ The doctors are fantastic.  My first experience with a chiropractor. I went in to deal with some long time pain, and again after a car accident.  Everyone is the office is wonderful. I wish I had a reason to go more often!”


“As an avid runner, Dr. Rachel has kept my body feeling strong and healthy. She has provided amazing preventative care and is amazingly intuitive. She is extremely knowledgeable, but can communicate with her patients in a way that is easy to understand. It’s refreshing to have a provider who truly listens to her patient’s concerns and can also relate to her patients. She is always able to provide me with ways to promote healing and injury prevention. I highly recommend her to anybody! Thank you so much, Dr. Rachel!!”


“The doctors take excellent care of their patients! Their treatment plan made an immense difference for me in just a couple of weeks. They are punctual and easy to schedule with. I had a great experience.”


“I was struggling with some major back pain and was fairly despondent. I feel so much better after only a couple visits. Not only is the doctor an expert in her field, she is also warm, funny and personable. I would definitely recommend Clayton Chiropractic to anyone considering chiropractic services.”


“Dr. Rachel and her team are amazing! They are friendly and really care about you. I’ve seen Dr. Rachel for a shoulder sprain, a periformis/SI issue, and this time a groin strain. Each time Dr. Rachel has treated the issue in the quickest most effective way possible. She takes as much time as is needed so you never feel like she is rushing from one patient to the next.  I am so thankful for Dr. Rachel and her team!”


“Dr. Rachel is the first chiropractor I have seen. After two pregnancies, she has helped with my back pain and other issues. Her office is clean, inviting and relaxing. Her staff is professional. I would highly recommend her office for any of your chiropractic needs.”


“The ladies at this office are exceptional.  This is one office that I have found that I will continue to return to regardless of circumstances that may not make it the most convenient.  The staff are always amenable to last minute scheduling (because you don’t exactly plan on when to feel poorly) and the friendliness of everyone is a cherry on top.  The doctors are down to earth and they do not push services or unnecessary treatment.  Just good old help when you need it the most.”


“The doctors are amazing doctors and I would highly recommend them both!  They are personable and I always felt my concerns were met with respect. My headaches are greatly reduced since receiving care at Clayton Chiropractic Center!”


“I started going to Dr. Loeb a few years ago after a back injury from a fall.  I liked her so much that I went to her during training for my first marathon. She is very thorough in explaining treatment options and how I can change my stride, how I sit, etc. to alleviate pain. Her staff was very helpful and gave me exercises to do on my own to help speed up my recovery. I finished my marathon pain-free and it was all because of Dr. Loeb’s help. I would recommend her to anyone who has pain, athletes of all kinds or anyone seeking general wellness.”


“I saw her all throughout my pregnancy and always felt better afterwards. I also hurt my ankle in a car accident and come to find out she can help and adjust that too! They’re great.”


“The doctor are truly amazing chiropractors! They are always smiling and go above and beyond in insuring you get ongoing care.”


“Both my mother and I have visited Dr. Loeb in the last few years. Whether for a car accident or general wellness she is fantastic. She even guessed I held my head funny while driving and helped me work out some neck discomfort I wasn’t even aware I had. Now I feel great!”


“Dr. Loeb helped me recover from a severe case of sciatica. My ortho doctor recommended surgery but Dr. Loeb relieved my pain and I never needed surgery. I would recommend Dr. Loeb highly to anyone who has sciatica or any other type of back pain.”


“I was incredibly impressed with Dr. Loeb.  She was able to fit me in quickly and alleviated my lower back pain during pregnancy.  By far she is the best chiropractor that I’ve seen!”


“Dr. Loeb and her staff are professional and so efficient about scheduling and about getting you in and out quickly.  She’s been a lifesaver in dealing with my sciatica and disc issues!”


“OMG. The staff are beyond the best. I will never go anywhere else ever. They make you feel like family and the best doctors in the world love them”


“Clayton Chiropractic gives me the high quality and effective treatment to keep me moving well and moving strong. I appreciate the kind and well trained staff as well. Highly recommended!”


“Staff is very accommodating Jessica makes my adjustments and is really vested in my health truly makes for a wonderful experience.”


“A great chiropractor is essential while pregnant!!!! Thanks Rachel!!!!”


“As a cheerleader, I always came to Rachel with injuries and many aches and pains. But no matter what it was, she was very helpful and always made me feel better.”


“I would like to commend and refer them chiropractic care (Clayton Chiropractic) and Jenny Rischall (Zen Jen) for massage therapy.  I have had hip, neck and shoulder pain for over 2 years.  I have seen 3 chiropractors, 2 massage therapists and have also had acupuncture treatments.   I have taken Advil when the pain persisted and have used numerous ointments as well.  On my first visit, I explained to both the doctor and Jen all that has been going on and they listened attentively. At that time, I had a chiropractic adjustment followed by a 90 minute massage.  The next week, I did the same.  Within a few days, the pain had subsided significantly and I felt so much better.  One difference was that I didn’t receive the same adjustment/massage as every other patient; my services were customized for me and my specific issues.  It’s my hope that I can continue along this wellness path by seeing the doctor and Jen on at least a monthly basis.  In addition, I have been doing specific stretching exercises as prescribed by both.  The fact that they can work together on my behalf is a definite plus.  Given all of this, I highly recommend both of them and thank them for their care and concern.”


“I had seen several chiropractors for my headaches.  I had to go every two weeks just to make them manageable.  When I started seeing Rachel, she changed my treatment plan and now I rarely have headaches and only have to go in when I do.”


“I had a great chiropractic experience here. I was suffering with intense neck pain. I visited two other offices and got no relief. After only one treatment, I felt great improvement! Her treatment was gentle but very effective. I highly recommend her!”


“At 7 months pregnant, my obstetrician had been telling me for a few weeks that my baby was breach and I would need a c-section.  Dr. Rachel treated me twice one week.  The next week when I went to the obstetrician, she was happily amazed and surprised that the baby was in the perfect position for a natural birth.  My beautiful daughter will forever call Dr. Rachel, ‘Aunt Rachel.’  We are so grateful to her.”


“I am now more impressed than I was before. I thought I was feeling great before I saw you last night. But this morning I feel really free and less tight in my upper back. You must also be psychic, since it was your office that initiated my visit this week. Thank you for doing what you do.”


“I saw Dr. Loeb during the first 7 months of my pregnancy before I moved back to Texas and she was AMAZING to say the least! She’s so kind and extremely professional. She was able to alleviate my sciatic nerve pain and teach me exercises to help with pain and later on labor. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly!”


“I am thrilled to see *patient’s name* finally feel well. I cannot thank you enough for giving me my child back! I have known for years that we needed to get her problem figured out~ and finally you have been able to help.”
“Dr. Rachel is the best chiropractor there is! She has kept me comfortable through 2 of my pregnancies, and even when I’m not pregnant, I leave her office feeling relaxed and so wonderful. She has treated my babies as well, as is so gentle with them. I can’t recommend her enough!”


“Dr. Jessica was great and I feel much better after a couple visits”


“Dr. Loeb is great!  Really listens to her patients and devises an individualized plan for each person.”


“My Pain went from 100% -20% in a few short visit. Omg I’m walking again.”


“Dr. Rachel is the best!  Knows her stuff and how to help with anything.  Great person too”


“The experience was great.I would most definitely be returning and bringing more people. The staff was very friendly and helpful.”


“Dr. Rachel and Dr. Jessica are great, helped me clear some lingering back tension”


“Was having back problems, and got an adjustment, and electrical stimulation for my back, and walked out feeling much better.”


“So many great services here! Especially great for dancers and expectant moms!”


“They are very accurate and gets your ailment fixed”


“Very patient. Really helped me with my chronic back pain.”




“Fantastic people doing great work!”


“Very knowledgeable. Very helpful”


“You are awesome! “