My first visit

Before you come:

Initial Paperwork can be done online here.

What to wear:

Come as you are and we can make it work. Many people will take off suit jackets or high heels so we can move them better.

At the office

Consultation and Examination

You will sit down with the doctor and discuss your pain, health history, and goals.

Will I need x-rays?

We do not take x-rays in the office. Depending on your history, if an x-ray is needed, we will send you out for imaging.

Do you treat on the first day?

Most patients are able to be treated the first day. Schedule 40 minutes for the first day and 20 minutes for future visits.

How long will my treatment plan be?

Each treatment plan is targeted to your injury and goals. We do not require any prepayments or long-term commitments.