5 ways to make your maintenance adjustments last longer

1) Follow your initial treatment plan

This will not only help you get out of your acute pain, but will fix the problem.  It’s much easier to maintain future adjustments if you solve the problem that brought you in the first place

2) avoid the initial action that caused the problem in the first place

If your problem is poor posture at your desk improving your posture at your desk to stop improperly using the muscles that cause the pain in the first place

3) do your corrective exercises

If you were given exercises, be sure to them. Ask if you feel like you are doing them correctly or if you need them increased or altered

4) Keep your muscles loose

Monthly therapeutic massages support proper joint mobility by keeping muscles loose

5) Most importantly, KEEP MOVING!

Adjustments unlock joints that aren’t moving properly.  Staying active is the best way to keep three joints moving. “First move well, then move often”