Top 10 Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Blahs: Avoiding the caffeine crash

1. Be prepared for the crash: Figure out when you are most productive. If possible, get the hard work done then, before the crash.

2. Eat lunch: Eat a healthy well-balanced lunch covering all of the food groups. Bad examples are pasta, pizza, and fried rice because they have too many carbs and not enough nutrients. Good examples are sandwiches which lots of vegetables on whole grain bread without condiments, salads with chicken and little dressing, or healthy leftovers.

3. Drink Water: Soda and coffee dehydrate you which can cause headaches.

4. Eat healthy snacks full of protein instead of sugar: Some good examples are carrot sticks and hummus, almonds, peanut butter on low sodium crackers, and cheese sticks

5. Step away for a minute mentally or physically: Take a walk to the copier or walk around the office if that is allowed. Talk to someone in person about a project instead of calling them. Take 2 deep breaths with your eyes closed for a mental break that can refocus you in less than a minute

6. Stretch: Poor posture can make you feel tired. Sit up straight and stretch your neck, legs, and arms at your desk. Schedule your chiropractic adjustments at lunch if you can to help keep those muscles relaxed.

7. Take supplements: I like taking my Juice Plus+ as gummies in the afternoon for a healthy snack that is full of vitamins. Getting the nutrients you need will help you have more energy. If you are already taking a good supplement, see if taking it a little later in the day can help. But you should always ask your doctor before changing or starting a new supplement.

8. Get a lunch date: Make lunch social where you do not talk about work. This will give you a break from the stress in the middle of the day.

9. Sleep more: I know what you are thinking “I already do not have enough hours in the day?” First, you need to get in the mindset of going to sleep early. Do not do anything stressful right before bed that will keep you up.

10. Reduce caffeine: I know many of us depend on caffeine, but that can cause you to crash. Limiting you caffeine to only in the morning will prevents extreme highs and lows and will help you sleep better at night