Many women, both large- and small- chested, have bra line back pain. This common complaint has multiple causes. The poor posture we maintain while texting, driving, and typing causes weak lower traps and tight pectoral muscles, all a part of upper cross syndrome. This can begin at a young age, especially if you blossomed young and embarrassment at your new body caused you to try to cover it up with anterior shoulders.

How to treat your bra line pain without surgery:

– Wear the correct bra size
– Work on your posture with exercises and reminders
– Do corrective exercises for upper cross syndrome
– Get chiropractic adjustments to regain extension in the thoracic spine

Now do you still need surgery?

Once you have stretched the front muscles, strengthened the back muscles, and established proper motion of the thoracic spine, you can now determine if a breast reduction is still needed. Surgery is a serious measure; as always, if conservative care is an option, it is recommended that you try that first.