24May, 2017

Eight Best Exercises to Support Your Spine

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Eight Best Exercises to Support Your Spine Plank Hold Plank holds are a great way to stabilize muscles and build muscle endurance.  During a plank hold the abdominal muscles are held in an isometric contraction, which means the muscles are shortened without causing movement at the joints.  Correct plank form involves tightening the abdominal muscles and keeping the body in a straight line.  Avoid raising the hips too high because this will involve a different set of muscles. Steps: Duration: 30 seconds – 2 minutes Level: Beginner Warning: Avoid if […]

12Apr, 2017

The Truth About Sciatica

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Is that pain down your leg sciatica or something else?   What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a medical condition characterized by pain going down the leg from the lower back. This pain may go down the back of the leg. Generally, symptoms are one sided and are worse with sitting or long walks. Sciatica can also come with weakness and numbness of the leg and foot. Learn more here. What Causes Sciatica? Muscles– A muscle spasm called Piriformis Syndrome: The sciatic nerve runs in front of, behind, or through the piriformis muscle. […]

7Nov, 2016

Recovering from a Broken Heart with Acupuncture

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Break ups, whether you are the one that made the decision or not, are devastating. While you are heartbroken making it hard to eat or even get out of bed, the world around you goes on and expects you to go on too. It is important to surrounding yourself by people who love and support you, take the time you need to heal, and possibly see a therapist to help you through this tough time, but have you ever considered using acupuncture to get over the hump? How can acupuncture […]

14Sep, 2016

“I want to go to the chiropractor for this pain I’m having, but I’m afraid the chiropractor will make me come back forever!”

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Individualization: While different chiropractors have different philosophies we here at Clayton Chiropractic Center believe strongly in individualizing a plan for each person and his or her specific needs. Before we develop a treatment plan: We will do a consultation to see if chiropractic care is right for you We perform an exam Listen to what your goals are Listen to what their problems are and, based on that, we find the right treatment plan for you Getting you out of pain: Our initial goal is to get you out of […]

5Aug, 2016

Muscle Spasm Relief

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How can Chiropractors Provide Muscle Spasm Relief? If you think a chiropractor cannot help you with muscle spasms, you could be sorely mistaken. A muscle’s job is to move a particular joint. When joints are locked up, muscles can’t do their job. Muscle spasms occur when muscles try to move a locked joint. When the joint doesn’t move, the muscle works harder and begins to spasm. The chiropractic approach to care for muscle spasms is to adjust the locked joint so that the muscle in spasm can do its job.  Once […]

8May, 2016

The Teacher’s Guide to No Back Pain

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Standing in front of a room full of eager minds providing them with information on your favorite topic can be a very rewarding job. Whether it is teaching preschoolers the colors of the rainbow or college students calculus, most teachers are on their feet for hours at a time. Here are tips for preventing low back pain for teachers. Wear comfortable shoes Watch your posture, making sure you do not sway your low back and hang your head forward Walk at work whenever possible To avoid low back pain when standing […]

24Apr, 2016

9 Home Remedies for Neck Pain

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When your neck hurts, you, of course, immediately call us to schedule a chiropractic appointment and text Jenny to get into a massage ASAP. Here are a few things you can be doing to help your neck pain right now. 1) Look at your posture Whether it is how you sit at your desk, sit in your car, or stand in line at the grocery store, your shoulders should be back and down and your head should be directly over your body. Anterior head carriage causes too much pressure on […]

30Dec, 2015

Can I see a chiropractor after I’ve had back surgery?

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Can I see a chiropractor after I’ve had back surgery? While we can’t speak for all chiropractors, it is definitely safe to see us after having back surgery because we will give you a proper exam and find the treatments that are safe for you. What is my first visit like? First, we will have a consultation to better understand the surgery that you had performed. Bring in any imaging like X-Rays or MRIs from before and after the surgery or other notes your surgeon may have given you. There […]

27Dec, 2015

Understanding pain

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A Significant Part of Your Recovery is Understanding Your Pain What is pain and how does it work?: Retrain Pain Foundation: Offers a free online course that provides a science based approached to reducing symptoms. Chronic Pain: The Pain Toolkit: An easy to use online tool that helps you cope with chronic pain. A Revolution in the Understanding of Pain & Treatment of Chronic Pain Therapeutic Neuroscience Education: Teaching People About Pain Meditation & Mindfulness: Guided Mindfulness Meditation: Outlines self-relaxation techniques that are used at over 200 hospitals nationwide. Palouse Mindfulness: Online Mindfulness Based Stress […]