Many diets recommend chewing gum to help eat less. However, I find chewing gum to be bad for your health. Here are a few reasons why…

First of all, have you ever read the ingredients in gum? Cavity causing sugar or, worse than that, fake sugars; along with alcohols and chemicals. There is no nutritional value.

Secondly, chewing causes the six salivary glands located throughout your mouth to be stimulated to produce and release saliva. Producing a steady stream of saliva for chewing gum is a waste of resources and energy that could otherwise be used for essential metabolic activities.

More importantly, the muscles of your face and jaw become imbalanced and the cartilage in you temporomandibular joint (often called TMJ) get worn out. These both can contribute to chronic, intermittent headaches. Did you know that it is projected that one third of headaches can be attributed is some way to jaw dysfunction and facial muscle imbalance? So next time, think before you chew.

If you are experiencing jaw pain or headaches, ask Dr. Rachel what she can do to help.