Glute Activation


As we sit all day at work, at school, or while travelling, our glutes are deactivated. Glutes are

the strongest muscles in our bodies and should be used during physical activity like walking,

running, lifting, and even vacuuming. If we do not learn to activate our glutes properly, we will

overuse our low back and hamstrings, causing injury and pain.


Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. To ensure

they are in fact being activated, place your hands on your glutes. Without lifting your pelvis,

engage your glute muscles by squeezing them. Repeat this exercise with your hands on your

hamstrings, and one last time with your hands on your lower back. You should not feel any

tightness in the lower back or hamstrings.


Repeat this exercise 10 times daily until you can activate the glutes without recruiting the other

muscles. You should not perform a bridge exercise (raising your hips up in this position) until

this exercise is done properly.


For other exercises to undo the damage of sitting: