So many restaurants advertise they are gluten-free friendly these days.  So what does that mean and why do people eat that way?

Gluten is a protein found in many carbohydrates like wheat, barley, bran, rye, couscous, and many more.  It is in pasta, breads, beer, many candies, many sauces, and many prepared foods.

Having an allergen to gluten is called celiac disease.  Symptoms to this can be very wide spread from stomach pains and diarrhea, to irritability, to failure to grow as an adolescent. There are tests your doctor can perform to test if celiac disease is the cause of your symptoms.

Other people may not have a full gluten allergy, but may be allergic to just wheat or oats.  Some people just try avoiding this food all together because they are eating an anti-inflammatory diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins with no processed foods or sugar.

Examples of foods with gluten:


Breaded fish or chicken


Most Cereals (there are some rice based cereals that are gluten free)


Cakes, cookies, pies, pastries

Some ice cream

Soy sauce

Many spice mixtures and seasonings

Commercially prepared broth and soup

Malt vinegar

Blue Cheese


“Natural Flavors”

There are still plenty of delicious foods and recipes that do not contain gluten.  Living a gluten-free lifestyle may seem overwhelming at first, but these days there is plenty of awareness and education available.  Restaurants and grocery stores have foods labeled as gluten-free.  Many websites are based on a gluten-free lifestyle to give support through emotional encouragement, recipes, and restaurant recommendations.