When your neck hurts, you, of course, immediately call us to schedule a chiropractic appointment and text Jenny to get into a massage ASAP. Here are a few things you can be doing to help your neck pain right now.

1) Look at your posture

Whether it is how you sit at your desk, sit in your car, or stand in line at the grocery store, your shoulders should be back and down and your head should be directly over your body. Anterior head carriage causes too much pressure on your neck and can cause you pain and tightness. More tips

2) Wear a scarf

You go to work in short sleeves because it is 80 degrees outside, but when you get to the office, the air conditioning makes it feel like a blizzard is coming. Or maybe you go to sleep with the window open because it was a beautiful night outside, but the weather drops down in the middle of the night. That cold air hitting your neck can lead to spasm.

3) Try ice or heat

A warm shower does a lot of good for tight muscles. If you woke up with extreme spasm, stick with ice for the first day or two. Otherwise, moist heat could help. 20 minutes, not directly on your skin I am still not sure whether to use ice or heat. 

4) Use some Biofreeze

Using a menthol topical can really hep you get through the day. Do not use while using heat or ice. Do not put it on an open wound and be sure to wash you hands before you eat or go to the bathroom. We sell it in our office, but if you are not local, find another place here.

5) Do your exercises

Roll your shoulders back, do your door frame stretch, or find a foam roller. Learn some great exercises.

6) Relax

As tension builds many of us hold it in our neck and shoulders. Find a great outlet for your stress like exercise, hanging out with friends, or meditation. Follow us on Facebook to hear about our mediation nights at our office.

7) Check your pillow

If you are waking up with pain every day, it might be your pillow. First try another pillow in your house for a free fix. If that did not help, we have 2 pillows we recommend and sell in our office.

  1. This Tempurpedic pillow is very firm and supportive. The contoured design helps align your head, neck and shoulders for more relaxing and restful sleep.
  2. The Chiroflow pillow is the most customization pillow on the market because it is half a regular pillow and half a bladder to fill with water to fit your needs. This pillow is a favorite in the summer because it keeps cool.

8) Re-examine the gym

Be sure to have good posture when doing working out. Improper lifting can cause injury or make any current problem worse. If you are having severe acute pain, stay out of the gym for a few days.

9) TENS or electrical stimulation

Did you know that for many people, their insurance will buy them a TENS unit for home use? TENS units work by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain.