I think getting dressed up is very good for a person’s self-esteem. Hearing “you look nice today” instead “are you feeling okay?” can change how you feel about yourself. However, there are some trends people wear to look nice that are actually hurting them. We will start at the feet and work our way up.

Wearing high heels can not only cause foot pain, but they tilt your pelvis forward and cause extra stress on your low back which can lead to chronic pain. I do not believe there is one shoe that is perfect for everyone on every occasion, so look around and see if you can find shoes that still look nice, but have lower heels and fit better. You can also have flat shoes available for most of the day, and put your heels on only when you find it necessary or pick days you have to wear heels and wear flast the other days of the week.

Moving up the wardrobe, people wear pants and skirts that are so tight, they cannot sit or walk normally. Think about what activities you have to do that day and make sure you clothing does not restrict that. When people cannot take a proper stride, they hip flexors remain tight and can cause hip and low back or sacroiliac pain. People can also wear belts, bras, shirts, vests, and jackets that restrict the ribs from expanding so people cannot take a deep breath causing discomfort to the muscles and more stress on the body. This can also cause pain in the midback.

The purses and bag people use can also be harmful. If a heavy bag is only worn on one shoulder, you have to lean and hike up the shoulder to keep it on. This cause shoulder pain, stress in the neck, and stress on the whole spine because it changes how the body has to balance. Use lighter bags or get a bag on wheels.

When it comes to hair and make-up use healthier more natural products. Do not use too much hair spray in a poorly ventilated room. How you do your hair can give you a headache if you use a headband that is too tight or you pull your hair back to tightly.

Tanning is the most danger trend. Protect your skin, wear sunscreen every day all year round, and see a dermatologist to have your moles checked.