The iliotibial band or more commonly known as the IT band starts at the outside of the pelvis near the hip and runs on the outside of the thigh down to just below the knee.  When it gets irritated through running, cycling, dancing, squatting, or performing martial arts it can appear as lateral (on the outside) knee pain or as hip or gluteal pain.  This irritation is called iliotibial band syndrome or ITBS.  It can appear as pain during activity that lingers after or gets worse with each step.

How can a chiropractor help? We do a lot more than just “crack backs”

It can be caused by improper motion of the pelvis which can be examined and adjusted.

The feet and ankles can also be an attribute to ITBS.  Orthotics and/or feet and ankle adjusting along with rehab exercises will improve your exercising form.

Muscle work to the IT band like PIR, PNF, or ART (see Muscle Work) can reduce pain and prevent future problems.

E-stim and ultrasound can help relax the muscle and reduce pain.

Kinesiology taping can also be worn during exercise to prevent the problem and support the muscles and soft tissue from moving improperly.

What can you do at home?

Use ice to help with pain.  Rolling your IT band along a foam roller can help massage and stretch the area to prevent further problems.  Also, try a new pair of shoes since feet are at the bottom of the kinetic chain.