How can Chiropractors Provide Muscle Spasm Relief?

If you think a chiropractor cannot help you with muscle spasms, you could be sorely mistaken. A muscle’s job is to move a particular joint. When joints are locked up, muscles can’t do their job. Muscle spasms occur when muscles try to move a locked joint. When the joint doesn’t move, the muscle works harder and begins to spasm. The chiropractic approach to care for muscle spasms is to adjust the locked joint so that the muscle in spasm can do its job.  Once the joint is back in working order, chiropractors can also do muscle work to relieve soreness and stop spasms as well as perform other therapies like electrical stimulation and apply of BIOFREEZE to the area.


Chiropractic Care for Muscle Spasm Relief

  • Assessment of muscles and joint movement
  • Chiropractic adjustment to distressed joints
  • Muscle work for tight muscles and muscles in spasm
  • Additional Therapy – Electrical stimulation, assisted stretching, prescribed exercises, etc.
  • Advice for self-care at home – BIOFREEZE, ice, rest, stretching, rolling table massage etc.

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