We recognize the importance of getting things checked on and tuned up.  We get our teeth checked, our eyes checked, our blood checked, our heart checked.  Why? To make sure nothing is going on now and so we prevent problems in the future.  We even get our cars tuned up by having our oil changed and our tires rotated.  And why do we do that?  To make sure it performs well and lasts a long time.

Yet, with statistics that say musculoskeletal pain is the number one cause of prolonged absence of work; 75% of us will have such bad back pain it will prevent us from doing our activities of daily living like cleaning, picking up our kids, or going to work; and that there are 773,000 joint replacements each year, why don’t we think about getting a musculoskeletal tune-up?

When someone only gets only one knee or only one hip replaced I find myself thinking: did they do a lot of hopping?  Is that why they degenerated unevenly?  In reality, they probably had an uneven pelvis, misaligned spine, and imbalance of muscles.  It is possible that many surgeries can be avoided by check-ups to make sure you have proper joint function and muscle balance.

Besides avoiding pain, it can also make you a better athlete.  Imagine you are a football player with slightly decreased motion in your neck.  There is another player coming up behind you.  In order to see him you cannot turn just your head due to your decreased range of motion so you have to turn your shoulders and back slightly too.  That extra second got you tackled and you missed the touchdown and lost the game.

Get your musculoskeletal check-up and tune-up today!

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