Do you ever notice yourself spending hours sitting slouched over in a chair watching tv or typing on a computer? Maybe you even stick your neck forward to try to see the screen better. Most people would say they spend a good portion of their day in this posture. Eating, driving, typing and lounging all reinforce bad posture habits that can lead to a painful back, neck and shoulders. This blog will focus on shoulder stiffness and pain. Loosening up your shoulders is an important part of keeping you active, out of pain and injury free. The exercises shown below can be done in 3 sets of 10 about 1-3 times a day to improve posture and help with pain.

Door Frame Stretch– Place your hands on both sides of a door frame above your head. Take small steps forward until you feel a stretching feeling across your chest. This will stretch out your pec muscles which are tight after sitting all day.

Pendulum Swing– With a small weighted object (full water bottle or free weight) in your hand, stand in a supported lunge stance and let your arm hang towards the floor. Keeping your arm as relaxed as possible, swing your arm in a circular pattern.


Shoulder Stretch– Reach one arm overhead and bend your elbow, attempting to place your hand against your spine. Bend the elbow of the other arm and reach toward your first hand, attempting to touch your fingers together. Don’t worry if they don’t reach! The stretch is still helpful.

apley stretch

Brugger’s Exercise– Roll your shoulders back and down, keeping them away from your ears. From this position, squeeze your shoulder blades together toward your spine, as if you are trying to get them to touch. 3 sets of 10, repeat 3x daily. This exercise strengthens the under worked muscles in your back and helps to eliminate upper back pain.

brugger 1 brugger 2











Walk up the Wall Stretch– Stand perpendicular to the wall with your hand flat on the wall. Walk your hand up the wall and step closer to the wall as you go higher. Go as high as you can to stretch your shoulder muscles. Keep your shoulder down and stay relaxed in your neck and shoulders. Aim for your arm to be straight in the air.

wall walk


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