Stretching: everything you need to know

Before running, your body is not warm enough for static stretching. Dynamic stretching will help warm you up and get your body ready for a run

Best dynamic stretches for running (do each for about 1 minute)

  • Cat camel, especially if you sit at a desk all day to transition your body away for desk work
  • Walking lunge or warrior lunge (out and back on the same leg) to promote hip  and ankle mobility
  • Lateral/Side lunge to active glutes and inner leg muscles
  • Front leg kicks/Toy Soldier (with straight legs, kick one leg out to waist level, then the next) to warm up glutes and legs
  • Plank to downward dog to activate core and stretch hamstrings and upper back
  • Jumping Jacks to get your heart rate up
  • Problem area- if you have an injury you are recovering from or trying to prevent, now is the time to dynamically stretch or focus on that area (ie stretch your calves or hamstrings)

After running

  • Slowly reduce heart rate by walking around before stretching
  • Static stretch for 20 seconds each muscle group focusing on the lower body especially quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, and both the inner and outer part of your thighs
  • Foam roll full body (can be done any time throughout the day) for 5-15 minutes