Acupuncture for Allergies


Spring is quickly approaching. For some, it’s time for longer, warmer days and fresh flowers. For others, it’s brings on sinus headaches, runny nose and itchy eyes! Acupuncture offers tools for both preventing spring allergy symptoms and getting rid of them. It is best to come before your allergies really kick in but we can [...]

Acupuncture for Allergies2019-03-27T17:19:33-06:00

Walk Up the Wall Shoulder Stretch


Who should do the Walk Up the Wall Shoulder Stretch? People with decreased range of motion of the shoulder How to do the Walk Up the Wall Shoulder Stretch Stand perpendicular to the wall with your hand flat on the wall. Walk your hand up the wall and step closer to the wall as you go higher. [...]

Walk Up the Wall Shoulder Stretch2016-05-17T08:26:11-06:00

Proper Backpack Wearing for Kids


Is Your Backpack Making The Grade? Proper Backpack Wearing for Kids Wear both straps. Use of one strap causes one side of the body to bear the weight of the backpack. By wearing two shoulder straps, the weight of the backpack is better distributed. Wear the backpack over the strongest mid-back muscles. Pay close attention [...]

Proper Backpack Wearing for Kids2014-02-23T07:56:16-06:00

The #1 Health Tip Your Doctor Hasn’t Prescribed


I have always found the mind/body connection to be amazing.  I see patients come in with aliments unexplained by many doctors because they show normal test results, but they clearly are having a problem.  I feel like my personal connection with the patient, thinking of them more by name then by "my 10 am patient," [...]

The #1 Health Tip Your Doctor Hasn’t Prescribed2013-10-14T08:32:52-06:00

Tension Headaches


You are sitting at your desk all day making charts, answering phones, and trying to check things off your to-do list when it hits you- the dreaded tension headache. There are numerous kinds of headaches, each with multiple causes.  Here is some information specifically to tension headaches. What is a tension headache? Tension headaches are [...]

Tension Headaches2014-01-22T10:42:14-06:00

Low Back Pain


The school of thought about causes of back pain has changed drastically over that past decade or so. Experts used to talk about strengthening the back muscles and sucking in your stomach to strengthen your core. Now experts support new research which says our back muscles are overused because our body is out of balance. [...]

Low Back Pain2013-11-18T15:40:48-06:00
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