19Oct, 2015

Is how you sit in your car causing your neck and back pain?

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Is how you sit is your car causing your neck and back pain? Car ergonomics Whether it is for work, carpool, running errands, or travelling, many of us spend hours in the car. Poor positioning in the car can attribute to neck and back pain. Here is how to sit properly in your car. Start with your seat in the wrong position: -Put the steering wheel fully up and forward -Seat height at its lowest -Seat cushion tilted so that the front edge is at its lowest -Lean the back […]

Glute activation
15Aug, 2014

Glute Activation

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Glute Activation Why? As we sit all day at work, at school, or while travelling, our glutes are deactivated. Glutes are the strongest muscles in our bodies and should be used during physical activity like walking, running, lifting, and even vacuuming. If we do not learn to activate our glutes properly, we will overuse our low back and hamstrings, causing injury and pain. How? Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. To ensure they are in fact being activated, place […]