teachers back pain

Standing in front of a room full of eager minds providing them with information on your favorite topic can be a very rewarding job. Whether it is teaching preschoolers the colors of the rainbow or college students calculus, most teachers are on their feet for hours at a time. Here are tips for preventing low back pain for teachers.

  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Watch your posture, making sure you do not sway your low back and hang your head forward
  • Walk at work whenever possible
  • To avoid low back pain when standing in one spot, prop one foot up about 4 inches whenever possible on the back of a stool or book. This makes you balance your pelvis.
  • Exercise to strengthen your whole body when not at work. Stronger legs and core will prevent pain.
  • Stretch in the morning and evening specifically cat/cow and calf stretches
  • If you teach younger students, sit in adult sized chairs

How can acupuncture help teachers?

  • De-stress
  • Sleep better
  • Build your immune system again germs
  • Treating athletic injuries, especially for coaches

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