Back to School Blog: Backpack Safety
Is your child’s backpack weighing them down?

With another school year approaching, students will once again be lugging around backpacks filled with heavy textbooks and endless amounts of school supplies. Here are some backpack safety tips to remember for a safe and healthy school year!

Is it Too Heavy?

This is a common problem students can face during their daily routine. Here are some warning signs your child’s backpack is too heavy.
• Struggling to put on or take off their backpack

• Pain, numbness or tingling while wearing it

• Red marks on shoulders

• Any change in posture while wearing their backpack

How to wear a backpack properly


Wearing a backpack the wrong way can lead to more pressure on the neck, shoulders and back.

Distribute weight evenly

Use both of the shoulder straps and wear it close to your back

Buy a backpack with wide padded straps and a padded back for added comfort

Do not let the weight of the backpack exceed 10% of your child’s weight

Buying backpack with waist straps is recommended to distribute the weight load to the hips, taking pressure off of the shoulders

Your child’s backpack should not:

• Sway from side to side as they walk
• Be wider or longer than your child’s torso • Be worn with the straps too loose
• Be worn only on one shoulder

The following picture is the CORRECT way to wear a backpack

How to wear a backpack properly

• Notice the weight of the backpack is evenly distributed

•The straps are secure and even on her shoulders

• It fits snug against her back

• The straps are high on her back and are comfortable on her shoulders
The following is a common INCORRECT way to wear a backpack

WRong way to wear a backpack on one shoulder

• This position puts all the pressure on one shoulder

• Good posture while walking will not be achieved if the load is only on one shoulder

• Regularly carrying your backpack on one shoulder can result in bad posture and cause strain on the shoulder, neck and back
The following is a common INCORRECT way to wear a backpack

wrong way to wear a backpack low

• Notice the straps are too loose

causing it to sit lower on the back

• Wearing a backpack low on your back increases the pressure on your shoulder and can cause low back pain

• Loose straps may cause the backpack to sway back and forth making it uncomfortable

•This low back position may lead to a forward lean causing low back strain, shoulder and neck pain

Following these tips and having a properly fitting backpack will help ensure a pain-free school year.

Have a Great School Year!


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