The answer is Yes! 

Pregnancy is an exciting time in your life and it should be a comfortable amazing experience. Your body is going through a lot of changes and chiropractic care is proven safe and effective for pregnant women.

This blog will explain how Clayton Chiropractic Center can help you throughout your pregnancy and tips on having a happy, healthy pregnancy

Top 8 pregnancy pains that bring women into our office

  1. Hip PainAdjusting pelvis
  2. Low Back Pain
  3. Sciatica Pain
  4. Pubic Symphysis Pain
  5. Headaches
  6. Neck Pain
  7. Round Ligament Pain
  8. Breech or transverse positioned babies
  • As your body prepares to develop and nurture your child many changes hormonal and physical could result in a misaligned spine or pelvis:
    • Your growing belly increases your lower back curve
    • Pelvic changes
    • Postural adaptions
    • Hormonal changes
      • Relaxin is a hormone that relaxes your pelvic ligaments and pubic symphysis to prepare for birth but in doing so makes your hips hypermobile

Treatment Options

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Deep Muscle work like ART/PNF/Grastonpregnancy table
  • Assisted Stretching
  • Massage
  • Rolling Massage Table
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • We also have a table that allows you to comfortably lay face down with your pelvis supported and the abdominal piece is lowered allowing space for your growing belly.

Adjusting mid back
During Pregnancy:
Your growing belly can cause an imbalance in the pelvis and spine which can put unnecessary tension on the body.


Labor and delivery is a lot of work which can lead to post labor aches and pains, your body is getting used to carrying your new baby. Also for those who breast feed upper back and neck pain is common


We can also help your newborn! Common conditions we help are colic, troubles latching, trouble sleeping, infrequent bowel movements, torticollis, flat or mis-shaped heads and fussiness.