Who should do this upper back exercise?

  • Anyone who feels like they slouch when they sit
  • People who sit many hours in a day at a desk
  • People with neck, shoulder or upper back pain

How to do this upper back exercise:

Start with your feet 6 inches from the wall, knees can be bent. Lean your back against the wall so your whole spine and head are touching the wall. Reach your arms up like you are making a goal post shape and place your arms and back of your palms against the wall. Start with your hands a little higher than your head then using your mid back muscles, slide your arms down the wall and in toward your waist. Keep your upper back relaxed and your chest should not be sticking out. To add challenge, step your feet in so your heels are touching the wall and repeat.

When should I do this exercise?

Do 10 sets of slowly sliding your arms down the wall and hold for 10 seconds at the bottom.


Do 3 sets daily.