Who should do this twisting stretch?

  • Anyone who feels like they slouch when they sit
  • People who sit many hours in a day at a desk
  • People with neck, shoulder or upper back pain

How to do this twisting stretch:

Begin laying on your side with your pelvis facing straight and your arms in front of you. Your bottom leg should be straight and you can prop your bent top leg on a pillow or foam roller for comfort. Place your palms together then reach past your fingertips and into the air tracing a semicirce with your hand. Keep your pelvis facing straight as you twist and reach, keeping your shoulders away from your ears and looking at your moving hand. Repeat. Then do the same thing but keeping your hand as close to the ground as possible and drawing a circle around yourself, following your hand with your head the whole time.

When should I do this twisting stretch?

Do 5-8 per exercise per side. Repeat up to 3x daily.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROTn6f6yhqM[/embedyt]