pregnancy and back pain

Pregnancy and Back Pain

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Pregnancy and back pain often go hand in hand. Each month as you grow can, your muscles are being over stretched, your center of gravity changes, and your body has more weight to carry. Luckily, here are tips that can help reduce your pain.


Cat camel

Repeat each direction 5 times.  Do this 2 times daily.

Child’s pose

Open your knees wide to fit you pregnant belly. Hold for 15 seconds or longer. Repeat daily.

Pelvic tilts

Stand you’re your back against the wall.  Make a space between your low back and the wall, then squeezing your glutes and using your abdominal muscles you’re your low back into the wall.  Go back and forth 5-10 seconds each direction.  Repeat 5 times.

The Mayo Clinic and What To Expect also have some great stretches

Heat and Ice

It is safe to heat (warm, not too hot) and ice your back during pregnancy for up to 20 minutes at a time

Keep moving

Consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program during pregnancy.  If you were exercising before you go pregnant, you may continue that activity.  Modify as needed with the changes in your body.  Exercises that are not recommend in pregnancy include biking, skiing, or any contact sports.

New to exercising? Try walking, swimming, low impact aerobics, and yoga.  They are also prenatal fitness classes that are not only great exercise, but allow you to meet other new moms.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Both are proven safe during pregnancy and get great results.

Other tips:

Remember to have good posture

Wear the right shoes

Rest when you need it

Treat yourself to a massage




One thought on “Pregnancy and Back Pain

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    I read this on the last blog that I was at:

    “In the 114 years since chiropractic began, the existence of chiropractic subluxations has never been objectively demonstrated. They have never been shown to cause interference with the nervous system. They have never been shown to cause disease. Critics of chiropractic have been pointing this out for decades, but now chiropractors themselves have come to the same conclusion.”

    I find it funny how everyone bashes on Chiropractors claiming that “it is fake, just like acupuncture”. And yet, when someone hurts their back, the same people dont refer them to a surgeon, they simply say “You should see a Chiropractor”


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