Brugger’s Posture Exercise

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Who should do Brugger’s

Anyone who

  • sits at a desk all day
  • texts or plays on a phone a lot
  • carries children
  • thinks they have bad posture

How to do Brugger’s

Roll your shoulders back and down, keeping them away from your ears. From this position, squeeze your shoulder blades together toward your spine, as if you are trying to get them to touch. 3 sets of 10, repeat 3x daily.

Why do Brugger’s

  • strengthens the under worked muscles in your back
  • helps to eliminate upper back pain
  • like pressing a re-start button on bad posture throughout the day

This is one of several stretches in our shoulder stretch video series for upper back, neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. You can find the entire series of exercises here: Shoulder Stretches for Injury Prevention

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