Who should do this exercise?

  • Athletes looking to move more efficiently
  • People who sit many hours in a day
  • People with hip, knee, or low back pain

Why strengthen my glutes if I have low back pain?

Every area in your body is related to the other areas. If your glutes don’t activate properly or if they grow weak from sitting a lot and not being used, they are asking your low back to double its workload in order to keep functioning. This causes low back pain. Your low back is only meant to do so much. By strengthening your glutes, you are supporting your back and helping to keep your pelvis moving well.

How to do “The Clam” exercise:

Lay on your side, creating a 90 degree angle at your knee. Line up your heels with your buttock so that your knees are in front of you slightly. Keep your hips stacked one right on top of the other and do not lean forward or back during the exercise in order to move your leg more. Keeping your ankles together, slowly lift your top knee as high as it can go. It will not move very far if you do this with correct form! At the top, squeeze your buttock and slowly lower down. Going slowly and controlled is key to this exercise.

When should I exercise these muscles?

Perform 3 sets of 10 up to 3x daily. You should feel the muscle working. Add more if needed.