2Nov, 2016

Stretching for Runners

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Stretching: everything you need to know Before running, your body is not warm enough for static stretching. Dynamic stretching will help warm you up and get your body ready for a run Best dynamic stretches for running (do each for about 1 minute) Cat camel, especially if you sit at a desk all day to transition your body away for desk work Walking lunge or warrior lunge (out and back on the same leg) to promote hip  and ankle mobility Lateral/Side lunge to active glutes and inner leg muscles Front […]

12Sep, 2016

Exercises to Strengthen Hip Muscles for Runners

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Preventing Injury and Enhancing Performance: Exercise to Strengthen the Hip   First things first, let’s all agree that running is BRUTAL! Did you know that during a 1-mile run, your foot impacts the ground 400-600 times PER FOOT! Also, with each strike, you are transmitting forces between 1.5-3.5 of your body weight through your foot, leg and hip; that all adds up to about 100 TONS PER FOOT of forces, and that’s just in one mile!   Injuries of the lower extremities are common to runners, whether it be hip, […]

21Mar, 2016

Glute Pulse

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Who should do Glute Pulses? Everyone- It is important to build back and glute muscles as much as core muscles People with low back pain People who sit all day Athletes looking to switch up their routine How to do Glute Pulses Begin on all fours. Brace your abdominals by squeezing them tightly. Maintain this braced feeling throughout the exercise. Lift one leg keeping the knee bent to 90 degrees. Do not let your low back sink down. Lift the leg past the point where it is even with the […]

2Feb, 2016

The Clam Shell

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Who should do this exercise? Athletes looking to move more efficiently People who sit many hours in a day People with hip, knee, or low back pain Why strengthen my glutes if I have low back pain? Every area in your body is related to the other areas. If your glutes don’t activate properly or if they grow weak from sitting a lot and not being used, they are asking your low back to double its workload in order to keep functioning. This causes low back pain. Your low back […]

10Jan, 2016

How to Foam Roll Your IT Band

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Who should foam roll their IT Band? Runners, or sports that include running Dancers People with hip, knee, or low back pain What is an IT Band? Your IT Band is a thick band of connective tissue that connects a muscle in your hip to your knee. The important parts to roll out are mostly located in your hip and glute area. How to foam roll your IT Band So your chiropractor, physical therapist, coach or trainer told you to roll out your IT Band? You’re probably wondering what an […]