5 Tips to reach your fitness goals without injury


If you are already injured, then you should see a sports chiropractor, physical therapist, or an orthopedic doctor. And even if you aren't injured you should still see a personal trainer or fitness expert to learn the proper exercises in order to avoid injury. Find a gym where you can start at your current capabilities [...]

5 Tips to reach your fitness goals without injury2019-01-09T17:31:23-06:00

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Planks


What is a Plank? A plank is an awesome core strengthening exercise but also engages big muscle groups simultaneously. Making it a go-to as one of my favorite exercises. Benefits of Planks Tighten your tummy Planking helps build your deep inner core muscle. As your abdominal muscles become stronger your mid section will tighten. Improve [...]

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Planks2017-11-01T14:53:28-06:00

Tips for Post Race Soreness


7 Tips for Post Race Soreness Training well is a great way to avoid injury and limit soreness after a race. If you are sore after your race, that can still be normal because the excitement from the race can make us push ourselves even harder. Here are a few tips for you. Hydrate after [...]

Tips for Post Race Soreness2016-11-02T11:13:28-06:00

Stretching for Runners


Stretching: everything you need to know Before running, your body is not warm enough for static stretching. Dynamic stretching will help warm you up and get your body ready for a run Best dynamic stretches for running (do each for about 1 minute) Cat camel, especially if you sit at a desk all day to [...]

Stretching for Runners2016-11-02T10:48:46-06:00

Is it time for new running shoes?


  Time for new shoes or time for better running form? Common shoe wear patterns and the problems associated with them When you run, the part of your shoe that hits the ground first will wear down faster causing a pattern. By analyzing the bottom of your running shoes after you have really worn them [...]

Is it time for new running shoes?2016-11-02T09:26:07-06:00

Tips for Injury Prevention


Here are some quick tips on how to stay motivated while working out! Getting injured is the easiest way to lose motivation. Prevent injuries with these easy tips. Get enough sleep Eat well Drink enough water Warm up and cool down Don't skip the short runs Don't run on rest days, but cross training is [...]

Tips for Injury Prevention2016-11-02T09:12:33-06:00

Tips for Staying Pain Free While Traveling!


Summer means travel. And, most likely, that mean spending uncomfortable hours in a car or on a plane, which can trigger back, joint and muscle pain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to avoid the aches and pains of travel this summer. 1. You may want to visit a chiropractor before your trip. Getting an [...]

Tips for Staying Pain Free While Traveling!2016-07-13T14:58:58-06:00

Brugger’s Posture Exercise


Who should do Brugger's Anyone who sits at a desk all day texts or plays on a phone a lot carries children thinks they have bad posture How to do Brugger's Roll your shoulders back and down, keeping them away from your ears. From this position, squeeze your shoulder blades together toward your spine, as [...]

Brugger’s Posture Exercise2016-05-17T08:24:53-06:00

Pendulum Swing Shoulder Exercise


Who should do Pendulum Swings for a shoulder exercise? Anyone with shoulder pain or stiffness How to do a Pendulum Swing: With a small weighted object (full water bottle or free weight) in your hand, stand in a supported lunge stance and let your arm hang towards the floor. Keeping your arm as relaxed as [...]

Pendulum Swing Shoulder Exercise2016-05-17T08:30:06-06:00

Door Frame Shoulder Stretch


Who should do this door frame stretch? Anyone who sits at a desk all day texts or plays on a phone a lot carries children thinks they have bad posture How to do a door frame stretch Place your hands on both sides of a door frame above your head. Take small steps forward until [...]

Door Frame Shoulder Stretch2016-05-17T08:27:22-06:00
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